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Lowerhouse Junior School

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Current Learning

Online learning for the week beginning 12.07.21: 


Wednesday 14th July - 


English - To complete the unit of work we have just completed on Jumanji re-create your own version! You may choose to use film clips (ask adults permission) or the planning we did in school to support your imagination!


Geography - Access this session on South America from the Oak Academy. Complete the quiz once you have finished the lesson. 


Art - Complete the drawing we began in school based around positivity and what positive aspects we could take from the pandemic over the last year or so. 


Thursday 15th July - 


Water Safety - Access the PowerPoint on water safety below to refresh your memory. Once completed create a poster all about Water safety and what we can do to stay safe around different bodies of water. 


Reading for pleasure - Access this short session on reading for pleasure and how to create a 'reading river'. Then spend half an hour reading a book of your choice. 


Geography / PSHE - Complete this session on deforestation. Complete the quiz at the end to show what you have learnt. 


Friday 16th July - 


Science - Complete this session on the

Solar System.


English/transition - Write a letter or a post card to yourself in a years time. Think about where you would like to be this time next year. What are your goals? What do you hope to achieve? Write down your friends and hobbies for a nice reflection at the end of year 6! 


Reading - Write a review on a book your are/have read. What was your favorite part? Who would you recommend it to and why? How many stars would you give it?