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Lowerhouse Junior School

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Year 3 - Blyton

Welcome to Y3 Blyton Class Webpage!


    Spellings for a test on 24.06.2022 (Friday)


    Group 1:


    1. humorous

    2. glamorous

    3. vigorous 

    4. courageous

    5. outrageous

    6. serious

    7. obvious

    8. curious


    Group 2:



    1. tea

    2. speak

    3. sea

    4. weak

    5. bleak


    Star of the Week


    Euan - Well done to Euan for getting the Star of the Week for your amazing effort during Art Day!! You created some great work.  Keep it up! 

    Head Teacher Award for RESILIENCE


    Luke - Well done to Luke for getting the Head Teachers Award.  You always try your best and try everything in your work! Even it it means you need to persevere.  Well Done!

    GOLD Awards


    Marli - Well Done Marli for your fantastic shield you have done at home and brought in to show us all.  It is amazing!


    Olivia - Well Done Olivia for your fantastic acrostic poem.  You worked so hard on it!


    Kaylum - Well done Kaylum for your super independent writing. You did great and we are so proud of you!

    SILVER Awards!


    Florence - Well Done Florence for all of your Maths work you brought in to show everyone.  You have certainly been working extra hard!!!


    Emmy - Well done Emmy for your super sitting in our assembly.  You have set a great example for the rest of the class to follow!

    Our Week in Blyton - 09.05.22 - 13.05.22


    English - In English this week we have continued to look at the Romans and the story of Boudicca.  We have also created our own by adapting the story of Boudicca.   In our stories we have been making sure that we are using direct speech correctly.  


    Maths - In Maths we have been looking at using number lines to solve our maths problems.  Some of us have also been looking at 2-D and 

    3-D shapes and how we can identify these shapes.


    Geography - In Geography we have been looking at various Roman towns and looking at the similarities between the towns such as what they end in.  We have then identified these places on a map.


    Science - In Science we have been looking at light and for our science lesson we looked at how different colours can look in different light and how they change. 


    P.E. - In P.E we have been continuing to develop our throwing and catching skills.  As well as this we have also had a go at developing our batting skills by having a game of Rounders.  We have also been working on our team building skills and have been doing various team activities where we need to work together. 


    R.E - In R.E we have been looking at being thankful to the people who do a lot for us in our lives.  We have written the people, we have chosen, a letter to show them how thankful we are for them. 



    Art Day - 15.06.22


    On Wednesday we had a whole school Art Day.  Our for the day was to look at digital art.  We started by looking around the school for areas that give us happy memories.  We walked around the yard and took some of these photos on the IPad.  In the Afternoon we then used these images to paint over, using the computer software paint.   We included different shapes and different textures and also experimented with different colours.  We had a great time doing this and made some great art work!

    Fun with shapes in Maths - 09.05.22

    Some of our children enjoyed being outside this week and drawing faces, only using 2-D shapes.  We then had a shape hunt where we had to look for 3-D shapes that were hidden all around the yard.

    Cricket Taster Session - 27.04.22

    Easter Creations! 01/04/22

    World Book Day - 03.03.22



    READING: Please continue to read with your child at home. The expectation is to read at least 3 times per week.


    Here is the link for the Oxford Owl eBook Library.


    Login using the details:

    Username: Blyton21

    Password: Lowerhouse21

    Then click 'My Oxford Owl eBook Library'.

    Select the correct level book for your child.


    TIMES TABLE ROCKSTARS: Please continue to practice Times Tables using Times Table Rockstars. Each child has been given their login details.





    Reading in the sunshine! 24/03/22

    PE 03/03/2022

    Computing 21/01/22



    Year 3 went on a school trip! We went to Outdoor Elements in Simonstone to find out more about The Stone Age.

    During the day, we ate like the Stone Age people! We made some bread dough and added some sultanas and cinnamon. The children rolled a little ball of dough into a sausage shape and twisted it round a stick to make a Stone Age bread twist. Then, we cooked our bread on a fire and ate it - it was delicious!


    Blyton then had a go at hunting for food! We learnt that the Stone Age people used stones to throw at smaller animals such as rabbits and birds to kill them for food. They used spears and a bow and arrow to catch the larger animals. We loved having a go at hunting!

    Finally, we had to build a shelter to protect ourselves from animals and adverse weather conditions. The Stone Age people often used animal skin as a shelter from the rain and the wind. They would twist and tie together nettles to make a strong rope to attach the animal skin to the trees. We learnt about different types of knots that they used.

    General reminders:


    PE days are Wednesdays with Miss Schofield and Thursdays with FUNDA.


    PE KIT: On the days that your child has a PE lesson, your child can come into school dressed in the correct PE kit as below. On all other days when your child does not have a PE lesson, your child must wear full school uniform and black, closed toe school shoes. 

     On the days when your child has a PE lesson, your child should come to school dressed as follows: 

    • Navy blue PE T-shirt (as now) 
    • Navy blue PE shorts (as now) 
    • Usual school navy blue (Y3 – Y5) or purple (Y6) sweatshirt with school logo 
    • Navy blue, plain, full length jogging pants or thick, black full length leggings  
    • Plain white or white sports socks  
    • Trainers (ideally these should be plain black but your child will be able to wear the trainers that they have worn in their PE lesson so far this term). Football and other types of sports boots are not allowed for PE lessons 
    • All hair that is long enough should be tied up with a blue, black or brown bobble 
    • Jewellery, including earrings, is not allowed.  



    Reading books - it is our expectation at Lowerhouse that reading books are returned daily, with children reading a minimum of three times per week.  Please encourage your child to do so and sign their reading record book to reflect this. In Blyton, we have began an exciting reward scheme where each child receives a sticker on a bookmark each time they read at home. Once the bookmark is full, the children get to keep this and will also receive a prize!


    Your child has also been given a Times Tables Rock Star log-in letter.  Please encourage your child to play this game, as it really does help with times table knowledge.