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Year 3 - Dahl

Our week in Dahl - 12th April - 16th April 2021


It was lovely to welcome all of the children back after the Easter holiday and their smiling faces and enthusiasm has made this sunny start so much sunnier!


Please note that our PE days for this half term are now Mondays and Fridays.  


As before, it is imperative that reading books are returned every Friday so that they may be changed and a new reading book sent home on Monday.  Please do encourage your child to read a few pages each night.  A huge thank you to the parents that have been doing this - it really does make a huge difference to your child's progress.  


Our first week back


This week we have, as always, been busy in school and making the most of every learning opportunity.  


In English we have begun learning about Boudicca and how this brave and fearless warrior led the Iceni Tribe in a battle against the Romans.  The children have really enjoyed this so far and have created some fantastic word banks and sentences about this historical figure.  


In our grammar we have been looking at prepositions, singing a prepositions song and creating sentences with actions.  


Maths this week has seen us tackling fractions of shapes and objects - a tricky task but all children have shown determination and resilience.  


In our topic, linked to English, we have started learning about the Romans, beginning with the Celts and the tribes of Britain before the Roman invasion.  


Science on Wednesday saw us thinking about light sources, what darkness really is and considering how different our world would be without light.


In guided reading we have been continuing with our class novel, Stig of the Dump and completing work related to the chapters of the book.  


In PE we have been concentrating on our ball skills and accuracy when throwing and catching.


All children have started to take part in the Daily Mile - 3 times per week.  This is simply running laps of the playground to see how many can be completed in ten minutes.  Great to wake up, get the body moving and alert our brains for the day ahead.  The sunny mornings have helped, too this week!


Here are our award winners for this week - celebrated by the whole school this morning, via technology:


The head Teacher's award for respect goes to Aulon Shala - well done Aulon.


Our badge winners this week are:


Riley Lawless - for resilience and hard work in maths this week.


Grace Ashworth - for beautifully presented work and increased effort.


Mya Miller - for a super effort in maths and not giving up.


Amelia Fenmore - for working hard this week, listening and concentrating and completing her work to a high standard.  


Well done to all of our badge winners and to all of our wonderful children in Dahl for this week - 100% attendance...let's keep it up!




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