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We have had a great return to school after the Easter holidays. All the children have been working very hard and I am very proud of all the effort everyone is putting into their work.


This week in English the children continued to look at the story of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The children put themselves into the shoes of Edmond to try and understand why he had made certain decisions using role play. After this, the children continued to explore Edmonds character and wrote a letter in role as Edmond to his sibling explaining his choices and providing explanations as to why he acted in the way he had. The children created some fantastic writing from these letters!


In Maths this week the children have been looking at money. The children have worked very hard using prior knowledge of fractions and decimals to support their understanding of money. Children had to think carefully about the place value of money and when writing amounts of money how that should be done. The children also had to use prior knowledge of the column method for addition and subtraction to support them when completing calculations involving money. I was extremely impressed with how well the children worked when using all of their previous learning to solve problems.


In Science the children have had lots of fun! They have started the new topic of ‘States of Matter’. The children investigated what particles would look like in solids, liquids and gases. Pretending to be particles themselves, they moved around the classroom to show particles of solids would be close together, liquid particles would move around freely and have more distance between them, and the gas particles had lots of distance between them. The children really enjoyed this activity!


The children then carried out an activity exploring the carbon dioxide in a fizzy drink. The children investigated which fizzy drink was the fizziest and discovered that they were filled with a gas called carbon dioxide and even though carbon dioxide is a gas it still does weigh something. There was lots of fun especially when one of the fizzy drinks exploded all over me!

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Well done to all the children in Kinney for continuing to try your best.


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