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Lowerhouse Junior School

Inspiring a lifelong love for learning

Year 5 - Morpurgo

Important Information


Dear Parent. There has been a positive COVID-19 confirmed case at Lowerhouse Junior School. YOUR CHILD’S CLASS IS NOT AFFECTED. Your child should continue to attend school as normal. Your child will have had no contact at school with the positive test case. School has been cleaned. Thank you for your support and understanding. Mrs Isherwood. Headteacher. 

Star of the Week - 

Jake K - Amazing achievement in Maths throughout year 5. 

Owen A - Brilliantly and consistently well behaved.


Head teacher award (aspiration) - 

Angel A - for achievement and progress within gymnastics and using the equipment effectively.


In Morpurgo this week we have continued to complete some of the projects we have been working on. Our English work has consisted of working together to shared write our own version of Jumanji. The children read their work out to the class and assessed the effectiveness of their own and other writing. In Maths, the children have worked really hard to continue developing their geometry skills and how a shape changes when translated and reflected.


Within our Topic sessions, we have continued our hard work in completing our projects. In DT we have continued to design and make our own electric cars ready to test and have our own class celebration! The children have been working on their accuracy, measuring, sawing and joining skills and we will hopefully complete our celebration event where the children test their cars in the coming week.


The children have also began some topic work surrounding the Amazon rainforest and this week had a focus on deforestation. The children debated their arguments for and against and also looked at possible solutions they could develop collaboratively. 


Thank you to all of the parents and carers this week for your support! 


Miss Stockman, Mr Hoyle and Mrs Ormerod.


Key school dates for parents / carers/ guardians