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Year 5 - Morpurgo

Badge winners:

Kaiden - Amazing behaviour and attitude towards his learning.

Harry - Amazing behaviour and attitude towards his learning.

Olivia-Mai - Super dance and leadership skills in PE.

Jake - Brilliant work within intervention and applying his understanding within his reading sessions.


Gold award

Angel - Beautiful personal learning challenge.


Head Teachers Award - Respect 



During this week we have begun a lot of exciting new topics! In our English unit we have begun to look at the mysterious book of 'The inventions of Hugo Cabret'. The children have completed a variety of tasks to develop their understanding and knowledge of the book through collaboration, drama and short writing activities. 


In our Maths lessons, Morpurgo have continued to look at fractions, decimals and percentages. In the sessions we have looked at a variety of interpretations to develop our understanding and have completed a lot of reasoning and problem solving activities to challenge ourselves even more. 


To launch our topic this half term we looked at different inventors and inventions and completed some research for our display. We have also completed some experiments within Science to learn about soluble and insoluble materials. It was interesting to compare our predictions to what actually happened during our experimenting. 


Computing this half term, we have started to look at computer systems. We began first by looking at a bike and what systems it had in place to work and then applied this to real life contexts and designed our own system for talking teddy bear. As a class we're going to develop this further by looking at networking and how different systems communicate and work together.

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