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Lowerhouse Junior School

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Year 5 - Walliams

Important Information


'Dear Parent. There has been a positive COVID-19 confirmed case within your child’s class Y5 WalliamsY5 Walliams class has closed and all children in the class will need to access remote learning from home. For those children and staff in this class who have been identified as a direct contact they will need to self-isolate until Wednesday 14th July. All children should return to school on Thursday 15th July.  All parents with a child in Y5 Walliams, who has been identified as a direct contact, have been contacted and informed. Other family members within these households do not need to self-isolate UNLESS anybody in the household displays symptoms or has a positive test result. You may go to be tested at any time in our local area WITH or WITHOUT SYMPTOMS. All remote learning information will be available on your child’s website class page on Friday 9th July at 8.30 am. We will keep you updated. Thank you for your support and understanding. Mrs Isherwood. Headteacher.' 

Welcome to Walliams' page

Badge Winners:


Star of the Week - Tobias Hartley for excellent effort and team work during our P.E session.


Head Teacher's Award- We would like to praise the whole class and say how proud we are of their maturity and resilience this week. It has been a challenging week for all and we are immensely proud of our class. 


Our Science Ambassadors are Poppy Radcliffe and Jaiden Evans. 

When the children have been in school they were completing assessments. We are really proud of how hard the children tried during these. 


Within P.E the children practiced quick and French cricket. The children who were in school thoroughly enjoyed this. 


During our maths lesson this week, we have continued our work on reflection and translation, using of coordinates in the first quadrant. 


As part of our Geography we have looked further at the UK and the natural resources that it provides. We learnt that the population of the UK is 67 million, coal is one of the main natural resources to be found in the UK. The children also learnt of the discovery and use of fossil fuels. 


Through all the changes this week, we are immensely proud of all of Walliams and we are looking forward to having them all back in class next week!


Key school dates for parents / carers/ guardians