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W/B 12.04.21


The children have been working hard on their first week back.


Below are the certificates awarded this week:

Headteacher's award: Chloe Reynolds: During P.E, the children were focusing on respect when creating their specific dances together. Chloe displayed respect by listening to Miss Flegg's instructions carefully and by listening to and respecting the ideas of the children in her group. 


Badge winners:

Bradley Shaw

Olivia Robinson

Jacob Sanderson 

Tobias Hartley


All of these children have their badges this week for their hard work in science. This week, the children conducted an experiment where they investigated what happened to certain items when added to water. We discussed and identified when items would dissolve, float, melt, suspend in the solution and sink. We discussed the variable that we would need to change in our experiment and the variables which would remain the same. These children worked wonderfully together and it was brilliant to see them applying their science vocabulary and knowledge when making their observations and writing up their findings.


Our Science Ambassadors are Olivia Robinson and Jaiden Evans. 

In maths, we continued to work on fractions- we looked at converting fractions to decimals and percentages. For our arithmetic starter this week, we have been looking at adding and subtracting numbers with 1dp and 2dp. 


This week, we have been looking at the novel 'The inventions of Hugo Cabret' by Brian Selznick. We have been closely analysing chapters one and two to identify the themes illustrated within the novel. For our grammar warm-ups, we have been looking at relative clauses focusing on who and whose.  


Within guided reading, the children were analysing an extract from the Jungle Book. The children analysed the author's use of language for description and how these contribute to the story. We then looked at inference in relation to the characters' thoughts and feelings.  


During music, the children created their own Shanty song, based on life at school. They then were given the opportunity to practice and perform this together. 


Within P.E, the children created their own dances within a group. They were encouraged to reflect on the word 'respect' as they did this. 



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