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Dear Parent. There has been a positive COVID-19 confirmed case at Lowerhouse Junior School. YOUR CHILD’S CLASS IS NOT AFFECTED. Your child should continue to attend school as normal. Your child will have had no contact at school with the positive test case. School has been cleaned. Thank you for your support and understanding. Mrs Isherwood. Headteacher

Please see the link for the SATs Companion homework: 

Welcome to Rowling's class page! 


Our Star of the Week this week: 


Archie Rodwell - for his fantastic work on algebra. 


The Headteacher respect award for this week is for: Skye Williamson



The children in Rowling have created some fantastic persuasive adverts this week. They have used a range persuasive techniques such as rhetorical questions, emotive language, repetition and exaggeration. 

Their products were based around or novel the 1000 Year Old Boy. Children created anti aging products and creams to help stop the aging process. We were tempted to put some into production with the promising claims they made! 



Our maths work in Rowling this week has focused on algebra. We are incredibly proud of how well the children have understood this new topic. They can confidently use substitution and can write their own formulae. 



In history this week we have focused on the key question: 'If World War 1 was so horrific, why did we go to war again 20 year later?'. The children have shown great enthusiasm in finding out the reasons for WW2 and how Neville Chamberlain tried to appease Hitler before WW2 began. 




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