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Lowerhouse Junior School

Inspiring a lifelong love for learning


Mathematics Statement of Intent



At Lowerhouse Junior School it is our belief that mathematics is a creative subject in which all of our children can succeed. We endeavour to provide real life contexts in which pupils can build a foundation for understanding the world around them. It is our aim to ensure that we empower and equip our pupils to break boundaries and take risks both independently and in collaboration with their peers. High quality dialogue within our classrooms makes sure our children are challenging their own thoughts with those around them whilst developing a fluency in maths and expanding upon their own knowledge and understanding. 


Our aim at Lowerhouse is to have more fluent mathematicians with a deeper understanding of concepts. Within our lessons, we believe that mistakes and misconceptions are something to celebrate as we can learn from them and deepen our understanding of mathematical concepts. The emphasis of our mathematics curriculum is on depth and challenge rather than acceleration. We do this through adopting a concrete, pictorial, abstract approach and promote enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning through practical activity, exploration and discussion. 


It is our belief that our children deserve and need the best mathematics education possible, one that enables them to fulfil their potential in an ever-changing world.