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Lowerhouse Junior School

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Monday 17th June



The children and staff set off safely just after 7.00am today.

They are making good progress on the motorway.


There were a few tired faces but a lot of happy faces this morning.



The children and staff had a half an hour break and were about an hour away from London.






The children and staff have arrived safely in London and are currently visiting the Science Museum. Most children managed a sleep on the way down too! 






The children have finished at the science museum. Many of them enjoyed the space section. They are currently on the coach on the way to St. Paul’s now and the weather is warm and sunny.



St. Paul's Cathedral was amazing and most climbed over 300 steps to the Whispering Gallery - up to the dome. 


After a busy few hours, the Year 6's and staff are now checked in at the hostel and having their tea.


In a short while they will be leaving to go to the theatre.



Year 6 arrived at the theatre to watch Back To the Future at 7.30pm.

They are all very excited to see what happens.



The show was amazing and everyone is tucked up in bed safe and sound after a very busy day.